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The endless pursuit of efficiency

eLab research group is part of School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering. eLab is also member of the new Center for Wireless Information Systems and Computational Architectures (WISCA). Prof. Ogras is the Associate Director of WISCA.

We are never short of expansions for ”e” in eLab. “e”stands for energy, efficiency, embedded, exploration… .
e” stands for endless pursuit of efficiency. Whether it is an emerging mobile platform or an established computing system, all electronic devices rely on energy. Energy efficiency, i.e., providing same quality of user experience using less energy, has plentiful benefits. At the personal level, it means longer battery life and more freedom. At the organizational level, it means huge savings in operating costs. Finally, at the society level, energy efficiency has huge environmental and economical benefits.

eLab is dedicated to improve the quality of life at the personal and society level through endless  pursuit of efficiency. While our primary research focuses on electrical energy efficiency, we welcome and appreciate all research ideas to improve energy efficiency.

Recent news on eLab: Energy Harvesting IoT Devices, Flexible Hybrid Electronics-1, Flexible Hybrid Electronics-2, Domain-specific SoC Design (part of DARPA ERI)

Group Photos:

August, 2018: Fall 2018 Welcome











May, 2017: Jaehyun Park’s Fairwell


October, 2017: CODES+ISSS Best Paper Award